Beer Clubs

MS. Pub Club

(This isn’t a social club it’s beer)

Welcome to MS. Pub Club.  Our group’s mission is to bring together women to experience beer in all of its glory!  Regular meetings will feature a “Style Exploration” as well as a special topic discussion.  Throughout the year we will have guest speakers, brewery tours, field trips, events and volunteer opportunities.  Our goal is to create a no pressure, creative group where women can learn about (and drink) great beer!

When & where will MS. Pub Club meet?

Meetings will be held on the last Monday of each month from 6 pm-8 pm at the Cellar Peanut Pub.

What are the expectations from members?

Each club member will pick a meeting they are responsible for leading.  The basic agenda for each meeting should be a Style Exploration and a discussion topic or experience (more on this below).  Each of us will bring our own unique perspective to the meeting we plan so it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish.

Is there a cost or fee involved?

While there are no formal club dues, there will be costs associated with each meeting.  This may include purchasing beers to bring to meetings, travel when we visit local breweries, etc. As a group, we will keep this manageable for our pocketbooks!

What is a Style Exploration?

Each month we will feature a different style of beer for a tasting.  This will allow us to compare beers and build a great foundation in what makes that style of beer unique.  The style will be pre-selected by the host of the meeting (although we recommend working from light to dark through the year).  Be prepared to brief the group with an overview of the style to guide us through the experience.

What is the weekly topic or experience?

Items could include a trip to one of the great local breweries, videos on craft beer or brewing, reviews, food pairings, the science of glassware and so much more.  As a group we will brainstorm ideas and draw from them throughout the year or develop them as we go.

How will I stay in touch with the group?

We will have an event site on Facebook as well as the tried and true member’s list to stay up-to-date by phone/text/email.